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Rising global concerns over climate changes and a pressing need for energy conservation are increasingly driving organizations to adopt smart energy management strategies. Organizations are trying to strike a balance between maintaining these strategies while still seeking profits, and are adopting a number of methods to do so:

  • Asset enhancement: Provides visibility into geographically-dispersed assets and increases the longevity of current investments
  • Energy conservation: Savings from utility bills directly add to improve cash flow
  • Faster ROI realization: Ensures improved returns by reducing deployment cost
  • Improved safety and yield: Provides an integrated oil field solution to improve returns, while ensuring safety
Value proposition

Infosys, a trusted engineering partner, combines domain knowledge and technical expertise garnered from a wide variety of business situations to help clients stay ahead of the competition in multiple ways.

  • Reduces the burden of product sustenance: Infosys provides life extension and product retirement services, thus significantly reducing the R&D expenditure in this area. This allows our customers to focus more resources on new technology adoption.
  • Enables platform migration and technology control: The heterogeneous teams of experts at Infosys, with varied platform and domain skills, support a diverse number of systems and components from various energy and utility providers. We provide effective solutions for legacy management, product integration, and systems engineering.
  • Integrates business application and asset controls for faster decision making: This offering lends itself to be deployed across a wide variety of infrastructure platforms, thus significantly reducing consumption and carbon footprint.
Infosys energy and utilities offerings

Infosys provides a wide array of services – from software development and core engineering to consulting.


Energy and Utilities

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