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Engineering Consulting

Engineering firms around the globe are looking at ways to enhance their revenue generating products / services, while increasing time-to-market and being cost effective. In a hyper competitive market, companies are facing multiple challenges along the following dimensions while trying to deliver value to their customers:

  • Engineering Process Efficiency: Extended product lifecycles, inefficient collaboration within engineering groups, lack of scalability in product architecture, and complex support processes result in delayed product launches, inflexible and monolithic products, and poor customer experience.
  • Dynamic Technology Landscape: Lack of a clear line of sight between technology adoption and business results; ad hoc adoption without a strategic view often lead to an inflexible tech landscape and lower ROI.
  • Growing Customer Expectations: Lack of a clear understanding of customer expectations has an impact on companies’ competitive differentiation and ability to deliver impactful new products and services to target customers.

Value Proposition

Infosys Engineering Consulting Practice (ECP), the strategic partner, defines product strategy and roadmap, reinvents engineering processes and product architecture. Infosys, through its Engineering Consulting practice, helps its clients discover value through component engineering techniques and speeds up technology adoption with a focus on business results while delivering a superlative experience to your customers. Over the years, we have developed many frameworks / reference models that have been refined through our engagements with clients across multiple industries. Our consulting practice is supported by over 8,000 engineers with a robust global delivery model that can help implement the ideas defined. We drive value by:

  • Defining product strategy and roadmap through customized market research, competitive analysis, and benchmarking to increase idea-to-product conversion, unambiguous product definition, and adherence to product cost, quality, and schedule. We partner with our clients to develop a business case for pursuing new products / services, define the right pricing model that can beat and sustain market forces, design end-to-end product requirements and assist them in selecting the right vendor(s) / solution(s).
  • Reinventing engineering processes by identifying bottlenecks and non-value adding activities, addressing architectural limitations to reduce cost, enhancing time-to-market, and by improving resource utilization. We engage with our clients to address gaps across the entire product life cycle. Our proprietary value realization methodology, stages of excellence model, core-context analysis framework, trade-off and sensitivity analysis, product serviceability framework deliver prioritized recommendations that are closely linked to business key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Discovering value through deployment of component design / enhanced costing techniques, across the entire spectrum of engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain. We leverage our customized Value Engineering (VE) framework right from the potential VE target identification to steady state value realization. We harmonize VE charter definition, perform cost modeling to analyze cost drivers, critically examine the functional worth of product features, establish ROI, and cost savings, demonstrate a measurable business case, strategize an implementation plan, and support realization leading to product improvement and enhanced product value.
  • Accelerating technology adoption by enabling engineering firms and large enterprises to stay abreast of and leverage the latest technology to deliver better products / services to their customers. Our focus areas are customer care, M2M-based smart services and in-vehicle infotainment. We have a robust methodology to define, migrate, and adopt next generation technology through a well-defined roadmap that provides business value at every step. Our proprietary frameworks such as maturity assessment, vendor evaluation, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and technology migration assessment help create customized solutions for our clients’ needs.

Product Strategy Definition

  • Product benchmarking
  • Define product requirements and roadmap
  • Select best fit vendor / solution

Engineering Processes Enhancement

  • Implement lean and smart processes
  • Reinvent product architecture
  • Enhance product serviceability

Value Engineering

  • Engineer value throughout supply chain
  • Review cost and components
  • Product benchmarking to enhance product value

Technology Adoption

  • Define technology strategy
  • Align to business needs
  • Accelerate adoption
Services and Solutions

Infosys Engineering Consulting Practice offers services addressing the entire product lifecycle across industries. We engage our clients to define their process and technology strategy with a clear alignment to their business objectives and help them implement our recommendations.

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