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Geographic Information System

A significant number of enterprises across the spectrum are burdened by multiple requirements — managing assets spread across geographies, tracking vehicles and field force that are constantly on the move, and satisfying extremely demanding consumers to top it all. Such demanding scenarios make managing a single component, let alone the entire workflow, a daunting task! However, with technology like the geographic information system (GIS), enterprises can optimize their fleet, provide field force with customer or asset information in real-time, and entice customers with offers based on their location. Well, the possibilities are endless.

We, at Infosys, understand the potential of this technology and the impact that it can deliver for organizations. We have worked with clients across technologies, geographies, and industry verticals — this is what helps us understand your business and the demands of your end customer. We also have in-house capabilities that are nurtured at our GIS Center of Excellence (CoE), which specializes in developing solutions and accelerators.

GIS Center of Excellence

Four components of the Infosys GIS offerings

Infosys GIS offerings

We provide the following services and solutions:

  • Consulting: We evaluate GIS roadmap, platforms, readiness of smart grids, and also assist your  organization to embark on the technology modernization journey
  • GIS solution development and implementation: Our teams offer services that manage platform implementation or customization, GIS sensor integration with existing IT landscape, enterprise application integration, customized development, and maintenance
  • Spatial data management: Our services include data digitization, cleansing, conversion / conflation, quality control and assurance, as well as data processing using light detection and ranging (LiDAR)
  • Spatial data analytics: We provide prediction analytics, town planning, smart city planning, and positive train control solutions

Case studies

Increased the global reach of a US-based map data provider

We worked with a leading US-based digital map data provider to rollout maps in different geographies, develop tools for application programming interface (API) validation, and develop geographical content as well. All of these resulted in expanding the global reach of the player.

Improved decision-making capability for a leading railroad organization

For a leading railroad organization in North America, Infosys developed a GIS-based application to enable the organization to manage their real estate inventory, use a dashboard view for quick analysis, and gain a single source of truth.

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