Service Offerings

Knowledge-based Engineering Offerings

Infosys Knowledge-based engineering offerings span the complete product lifecycle cutting across various industry applications:

KBE System Consulting

  • Assessment of organizational KBE maturity
  • Defining KBE strategy and road map
  • Identifying amenable processes for KBE
  • Defining frameworks, processes and tools for knowledge capture and formalization

Process Improvement through KBE

  • Study the 'as-is' process and tools
  • Identify the components amenable for KBE
  • Elicit the KBE enabled new process
  • Define scope/ requirements for the KBE tools to improve process
  • Develop the KBE tools
  • Deploy KBE tools/ processes and improve the process

KBE-based Product Development

  • Study the product requirements and specifications
  • Define KBE enabled product development process
  • Identify and define scope/ requirements for KBE tools
  • Develop the KBE tools
  • Deploy KBE enabled product development process

KBE Application Development & Maintenance

  • End-to-end KBE application development
  • CAD/CAE/CAM application customization and automation
  • COTS (CATIA V5, Pro/E, UG, ABAQUS, PATRAN, Hypermesh) customization and automation
  • Testing and deployment
  • Maintenance and enhancement of existing KBE applications
IndustryKBE Applications




Heavy Engineering
  • Automated product configuration generation
  • Automated preliminary product definitions
  • Preliminary modeling and visualization of parts (DMU).
  • Automated FE modeling and stress analysis
  • Optimization process automation, optimization of size, shape and weight
  • Automated CAD Modeling (3D and 2D drafting), design processes and validations
  • Automated manufacturing data generation from design, verification and QA
  • Manufacturing process simulations
  • Automated testing/ inspection – post processing and interpretation
  • Automated technical publications
  • Automated generation of service manuals – SRMs
CPG & Retail
  • Automated CAD Modeling (3D and 2D)
  • Facility layout/ product placement visualization
  • Optimize distribution networks – optimize inventories, replenishment systems, warehouse locations and transportation networks
  • Sales/Product/Knowledge/Enterprise Configurators
Medical Devices
  • Automated CAD Modeling (3D and 2D)
  • 3D visualization of devices – MRI, tomography
Energy Oil & Gas
  • Visualization and user interactivity of oil well log data, piping defects and GIS
  • Capacity (piping network) optimization
  • Schedule optimization
  • Production line balancing (production capacity optimization)
  • Automated CAD Modeling (3D and 2D) of steam/ gas turbines
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