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Mechanical Product Development Offerings

Strained product development teams are facing further challenges in the form of: shrinking windows of opportunity and product development time, technology advancements, environment sensitivity, regulatory stringency, and most importantly – cost pressures.

Organizations are now faced with overcoming the following challenges:

  • The need to reduce product complexity and adopt new technologies with tightening investment budgets.
  • Fluctuating economic conditions and demand fluctuations placing pressure on product managers to ensure life cycle costs and overheads are increased.
  • Organizations have to make their products and processes adaptable to global markets to maximize customer opportunity.

Value proposition

  • Global resource leverage: Infosys provides access to a vast pool of product development expertise across the globe, operating product development teams as businesses focusing on delivering excellence and continuous productivity increase, turning cost centers into value centers.
  • Product development factory approach: Infosys teams operate as extensions to customers’ in-house R&D department with dedicated offshore R&D centers. We combine lean engineering methods with proven and refined frameworks to baseline, measure and improve engineering productivity, reducing product development program effort significantly.
  • Knowledge reuse: With expertise developed over best-design attributes and practices from over 50 product development programs and cross-industry learning, Infosys offers knowledge-based engineering tools, process libraries, databases and rule bases for scientific knowledge capture and reuse, focusing on reduction in process iterations.

Services and solutions

Whether it is developing an advanced commercial aircraft with stringent weight and emission targets or designing a trailer body with alternative materials to improve thermal and structural strength, Infosys has a flexible talent pool that can cross-fertilize a huge wealth of experience, catalyze your product development, and deliver measurable business value right from concept to launch.

  • Concept design
  • Detailed design
  • Analysis and optimization
  • Post-tool kickoff

Mechanical product development offerings from Infosys span the entire development life cycle – from concept, development, and validation to launch. We deliver value during various phases of product development by deploying best-in-class engineering talent, coupled with robust processes for program / project management framework, ensuring effective execution, review, and control.

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