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Product lifecycle

ISVs need to develop product variants for various market segments, support multiple product versions and release service-packs / patches. Resource requirement is highly variable during the product development lifecycle, which leads to redundant staffing at various stages. We help with:

  • Software development factory: Frameworks to simplify product architecture and most components to reduce development and sustenance cost, simplify use cases and reduce support calls; test automation tools to accelerate cycle and reduce engineering effort; better integration of engineering tools into workflow management to improve defect tracking and cut waste; pool of trained engineers combined with in-house on-boarding methodology for fast ramp-up.
  • Virtualization: Lab resources are underutilized by up to 40 percent due to highly variable effort during development. By combining multiple product suites and using virtualization tools, we cut underutilization significantly, thereby reducing overhead costs.
ConceptualizationDevelopmentCertification and adapter ‘Factory’Professional servicesSustenance
Idea generationRequirement gathering and analysisMulti-platform / OS product certificationProduct customization, configuration, and installationProduct ownership
Market researchHigh level and detailed designStandards-based certificationProgram management – lead provider and leadValue engineering and cost optimization
User surveyCoding and build managementMulti-vendor based environmentProduct transferProduct support and critical defect
PoV/ PoCTesting and test managementMultiple device support verificationCustomer relationship management
Bug fixing and maintenanceConnector factory model (for connector development)Product retirement
Release management
Product transformation and re-engineering
Business case creation and gap analysis
Solution consulting and design
Product management
Product strategy definition and product roadmap
Product transformation strategy
Operational effectiveness
Customer needs management
Project and portfolio management
Lifecycle management
PLM strategy, blueprinting and package evaluation
PLM realization, customization, deployment, and ADM services
PLM integration, productivity and performance management, training
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