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Independent software vendors (ISVs) today are navigating a perfect storm of market forces, organizational challenges, and technology disruption. They need to have the following factors to win in this demanding environment:

  • Adapting quickly to business needs, tackling resource requirements to support proliferation of software variants, and efficient version maintenance are vital to stay competitive in the market.
  • Adopting advances in cloud computing and SaaS, mobility and social media into offerings to be on the cutting edge and create right value and user experience for customers.
  • Maximizing customer opportunity by extending offerings to new markets, industry verticals or geographic locations (including localization) and augmenting product offerings with services is key to winning.

Value proposition

Partnering to systematically accelerate time-to-market, reduce total cost of product and ownership, enhance current systems with emerging computing models, and grow in new categories and markets.

  • Reduce total development costs: Reducing total development costs by running an efficient software development ‘factory.’ We focus on continuous productivity improvement with frameworks to baseline and measure, lean engineering methods for improvement, and by virtualizing lab resources. We have a robust system to capture and reuse knowledge of best practices to reduce engineering effort. Our proven global engineering model provides resource leverage to further reduce total program effort and cost.
  • Reduce total product cost / meet target cost: We leverage our pre-built globalization tools, SaaS enablement framework, and cloud-based load test framework to meet target cost and extend client capabilities with professional services.
  • Reinvent products: Helping clients adopt new / emerging technologies with expertise gained from our dedicated centers of excellence, experience acquired by servicing clients adopting new technologies in other industries, and a partner ecosystem that delivers full suite of services.
  • Accelerate time to market: Utilizing our reference methodologies, knowledge base and automation tools, built by working with top global ISVs on numerous products and putting development on fast track.

Services and solutions

Infosys offers a breadth of services in critical software product domains across the product life cycle.

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