Service Offerings

Value analysis / value engineering and cost benchmarking

Changing customer needs and stiffer competition have made value engineering (VE) imperative for product companies to maintain their leadership position. Infosys VE services help customers develop products that maximize performance, quality and reliability while minimizing product and development costs, and lead time to overcome challenges including:

  • High total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • High cost per function and feature
  • High supply chain costs
  • Competitor product performance and features

Value proposition

  • Leverage the multi-industry product development experience across industry verticals
  • Drive effective VE programs by leveraging commercial tools and in-house VE frameworks
  • Enable reliable outcomes through upfront simulation of cost and performance trade-offs
  • Enhance the overall product realization process and tooling through industry experience
  • Maximize return on investment (ROI) in VE initiatives through enhanced ownership of business outcomes and cost-effective low risk engineering execution model
  • Ensure superior supplier cost performance and leverage low-cost country sources

Services and solutions

Infosys Benchmarking and VE services go beyond conventional cost reduction measures to focus on value drivers including quality, time, safety and exclusivity. This function-based approach helps evaluate and prioritize product features.

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