Emerging Technologies

According to technology researchers, there will be 220 million connected cars all around the world and about 5.8 billion IoT endpoints in 2020. With such advancements, the terror of attacks in cyberspace is on a rise.

A resilient, enterprise-wide, and well-equipped cyber plan can help assure security. This can be done by protecting the confidentiality and integrity of data collected by, stored on, processed by, or transmitted to the cloud platforms, applications, and underlying infrastructure. Identifying strong skills in OT security, AI, blockchain can help in securing the organizations and combating the threat landscape.

We help our clients minimize the risk surface in their IoT, OT, blockchain, RPA, and other emerging technological operations by embedding security controls into the design, implementation, and risk assessment phase, and by managing the security operations.

We offer Secure Design Services, Secure Cloud, Secure Platforms, Device Security, Secure Communication, Remediation Advisory, Remediation Tracking, Security Assurance Program, Continuous Monitoring, SOC Integrations and Managed Services, Secure Applications, RPA - Advisory and Assurance services as part of our Emerging Technologies service line.