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Fossil and Infosys: A timeless link for relentless success

The journey for Fossil and Infosys started in 2015. With Infosys helping Fossil with capabilities like omni-channel, flexible fulfilment, buy-from-store and ship-from-store, Fossil has ushered in a fundamental change in their business.

In this video, Andrew Hess, Vice President of Enterprise Systems, IT Administration, Fossil Group, discusses how Infosys implemented and supported projects that are vital to its supply chain and continued success. He talks about the managed services journey with Infosys, wherein Infosys has offered day-to-day operational support to the organization through service desk, help desk, infrastructure, and over 200 applications around the world. He also talks about an effective supply chain built by Infosys using SAP, resulting in cost savings, using the perfect mix of onsite and off-shore development capabilities.

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