Apparel Store of the Future: A Survey

Millennial customers have unique fashion sensibilities and navigate effortlessly from brick and mortar stores to multichannel and omni-channel shopping experiences. Brick and mortar stores can no longer rely on product, price, and mass promotions to attract...


Rethinking Retail, Reinventing Consumer Experience

Find out about the hottest technologies reigning the Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods Industries, making Consumer’s lives better all along – from digitally enhanced stores to digitizing logistics, from wearables to mobile wallets, and much more.


Brief: Leverage Design Thinking To Spark A Customer-Obsessed Innovation Culture

Infosys clients use Design Thinking to effect cultural change and new approach to innovation: Forrester The digital world in which companies operate calls for a radically different corporate culture – one that is obsessed with improving customer experience and encouraging...


Rethinking retail study

The growth and maturity of digital channels have steadily increased the expectations of consumers. A recently conducted Infosys study...

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