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Maximizing return on investment from mobile marketing

Peter Sieyes, AVP and Head, Consumer Marketing and Innovation Services at Infosys, explains that while companies are scrambling to maximize the return on their investments in mobile marketing, more often than not these investments are not linked to a measurable commercial objective.

The ubiquitous mobile phone has dramatically changed our lives. We continue to increase our dependence on the device. As a result, companies are moving fast to ride the wave of mobile advertising.

Even as mobile marketing grows rapidly, measuring the return on investment (ROI) becomes critical. Peter discusses how companies can establish some ground rules for better ROI before jumping on the mobile marketing bandwagon.

Published with the permission of The Marketer


Infosys - Peter Sieyes, Associate VP & Head, Retail, Consumer Goods and Life Sciences, Europe

Peter Sieyes, Associate Vice President and Head, Consumer Marketing and Innovation Services, Retail, Consumer Goods and Life Sciences, Europe, Infosys

With more than 20 years of experience in consumer marketing, Peter joined Infosys in 2012 after spending six years as the executive vice president and global head of digital and relationship marketing at one of the world’s leading premium spirits companies. Here he led a truly global and pioneering transformation of the company’s marketing capability, taking the business into the digital world, and gaining recognition from peers and Investors. He can be reached at

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