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Mobile payments – barriers to adoption and potential

Consumers increasingly use mobiles to transact and make purchase decisions. More than ever before, consumers want to make payments via mobiles. As a result, mobile payment market is on the rise, and near field communication (NFC) is leading the way. Even so, retailers are challenged to adopt technologies to enable mobile payments.

Retailers must navigate a host of challenges before they can successfully adopt and implement mobile payments, says the author, an expert with Infosys retail, CPG and logistics business. Upgrading to point of sale (PoS), data security and consumer adoption represent the major roadblocks. However, once retailers have gotten around these issues successfully, there's a lot they can capitalize on - like reduction in shrinkage loss and queues, and increased productivity.

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Sachin Bagla, Senior Manager – Retail, Consumer Packaged Goods & Logistics (Europe), Infosys

Sachin Bagla, Senior Manager, Retail, Consumer Packaged Goods & Logistics (Europe), Infosys

Sachin Bagla has more than 16 years of experience and is focused on programs centered on CRM and omni-channel commerce transformation that enable leading retailers to engage with digital consumers better. He can be reached at

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