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Gear Up for m-Commerce with a Stronger Supply Chain

Mobile commerce is playing an increasingly important role in consumers’ lives. It is no longer an additional transactional channel – today it is gaining importance as one of the main channels in purchasing behavior. However, this new channel adds another layer of complexity to supply chain planning and execution.

Dr. Stephen McCormac, Associate Vice President of Retail, CPG and Logistics at Infosys Europe shares his views on some challenges that retailers will face with respect to their supply chains. He outlines the need for retailers to be able to cater to the rapidly changing purchase behavior – by keeping pace with their ability to shop from any location, providing immediate responses to orders, and addressing delivery issues that might arise. Dr. McCormac examines the corrective actions that retailers need to take to address these challenges, while also elaborating on how technology plays a crucial role in tackling supply and demand issues.

Published with permission of Internet Retailing


Dr. Stephen McCormac

Dr. Stephen McCormac, AVP – Retail, CPG and Logistics, Infosys Europe

Stephen leads a broad portfolio of retail, CPG, and logistics clients across Europe. In this role, he provides executive leadership for strategic programs involving transformational change, technology solutions and innovation for Fortune 1000 organizations in the U.K. and Europe. In a career spanning over two decades, he has also been responsible for helping clients shape and deliver major transformations. He can be reached at

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