Industry Offerings

Retail PLM Solutions for Apparel & Footwear Industry

In the Apparel industry, long lead times make new offerings in fashion obsolete.

Infosys has helped apparel and footwear companies reduce design cycle lead times by more than 50%. We combine our process expertise of executing projects across industries with deep domain knowledge of leading Product Lifecycle Management tools to define solutions that establish a robust foundation for redesigned processes. Our solution ensures better integration with merchandising, assortment and line planning, and sourcing.

Long lead timesProduct Lifecycle Management tools support design and development processes for better integration with merchandising, assortment and line planning, and sourcing
  • Reduces lead times, optimizes levels of inventory, reduces levels of stock outs and mark downs
  • Better margins and faster return on investment

Global sourcing offers significant cost benefits to Apparel and Footwear companies. However, it poses challenges of long product development and procurement cycle times, communication issues, and a lack of visibility. Moreover, unpredictable consumer behavior coupled with changing weather patterns results in obsolete merchandise and an inadequate quantity of seasonal merchandise for retailers. Consequently, design cycle time compression is a focus area for apparel and footwear companies.

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