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Consumer Genome Project

Deciphering the Consumer Genome for Profit

Beyond the billions in dollars and petabytes in data, interactive marketing is still all about the basics – it’s not just about market intelligence; it’s all about knowing your consumer. Getting to know what the consumer wants begins by putting emerging trends from both consumer and retailer viewpoints in perspective.

Challenges and Opportunities

Cohesive integration of campaign design, response management and audience development threads to trigger relevant and consistent offers:

  • There are several point solutions (tools and processes) that require complex and expensive integration.
  • Increased data velocity and data fragmentation makes incorporation of consumer insights into trigger-based interactive marketing a time-consuming process.
  • There is inconsistency in customer experience across channels.
  • Current toolsets lack the scalability that big data calls for.


Varying degrees of personalized shopping experiences have been around for some time now. But tapping into the burgeoning mass of social data and mining extensive purchase intelligence will provide the critical insights that retailers can leverage to increase sales. With a plethora of channels that offer potential avenues for engagement, it actually boils down to communicating with consumers based on their context.

Consumer Genome Project-Deciphering the Consumer Genome for Profit

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