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Global Inventory Visibility

You need a comprehensive view of your retail enterprise supply chain to manage order fulfillment. You also need visibility into store, warehouses, distribution centers, trans-shipment points, and supplier sources to optimize the pricing and promotion calendar.

The Global Inventory Visibility (GIV) solution from Infosys Retail practice aggregates real-time product / merchandise data from diverse sources – on-hand, in-transit, ready-to-ship, back order, and in production. Visibility into a global stock pool helps you implement the ‘source-anywhere, fulfill-anywhere’ retail model. Our GIV solution integrates sell-side and buy-side partners to ensure that your supply chain is more responsive.


  • Multi-site visibility: A single console displays inventory in transit, at partner locations, and across your enterprise
  • Demand-supply equilibrium: Role-specific dashboards and visualization tools enable decision makers to synchronize demand and supply
  • Events-driven monitoring: Triggers alerts based on diverse criteria, such as threshold level and time, to manage inventory, movement, and receipt
  • Channel profitability: Addresses margin requirements of marketing channels with flexibility to configure inventory categories


  • Eliminates lost sales due to stockout
  • Streamlines inventory management and ensures product availability
  • Minimizes the cost of fulfillment with Inventory-as-a- Service (IaaS)
  • Enhances order scheduling with real-time view of available-to-promise (ATP) inventory




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