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Supply chain logistics contribute significantly to the carbon footprint of consumer products. Consumer goods manufacturers and retailers are often unaware of the environmental impact of their supply chains due to outsourced logistics operations or reduction in operational costs.

Companies perceive that sustainability investments challenge the bottom line and such initiatives are best made during an economic upturn. Moreover, they do not have adequate benchmarks for sustainability solutions.

Infosys' Logistics Optimization (LogO) solution adopts a unique approach to order consolidation that reduces transportation costs and minimizes the logistics carbon footprint.

Our patent-pending solution leverages visibility into order delivery dates across organizational silos to enhance consolidation opportunities. It achieves consolidation at order creation time to maximize savings during delivery execution.

LogO optimizes orders for logistics costs to enable a Transportation Management System (TMS) that delivers better load consolidation. The solution advises buyers/ customer service to delay or advance delivery dates (within acceptable limits) by clustering orders across zip codes and shipment dates using parameters of geographical and temporal proximity.

  • Easy set up and configuration
  • Optimization across spatial and temporal dimensions
  • Supports multiple geographies across the globe and driver hours of service limitations
  • Multiple truck building options
  • Minimal inventory impact
  • Seamless integration with existing ordering process


  • Reduced transportation costs due to logistically efficient orders
  • Improved asset utilization
  • Reduced warehouse receiving costs
  • Less miles driven leading to reduced carbon emission
  • No capital expenditure due to hosted service model

Discover how you can realize the twin objectives of sustainability and profitability.

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