Navigate your Next in Retail


Your retail enterprise needs to navigate business challenges for an omni-channel customer experience. You need to deliver a seamless shopping journey across digital channels and brick-and-mortar stores while influencing purchase decisions and increasing customer share of wallet.

The Infosys Retail practice partners with retail stores, pure play e-Commerce, and hybrid retailers to streamline operations and personalize the shopping experience.

Our domain experts incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) across your product and service processes via Infosys Nia, our next-generation intelligent automation platform. Infosys Nia brings together machine learning and domain knowledge to unearth business insights and create ‘stores of the future.’ We apply cognitive automation to streamline the supply chain as well as integrate the back office. Significantly, it helps us align core processes with the 'consumer genome.'

Infosys delivers Agile digital at scale through a suite of solutions for data management, omni-channel sales, customer experience management, and cloud-based analytics. Moreover, we combine Agile digital services architecture with DevOps and APIs to develop an integrated and lean retail enterprise.

Our knowledge management ecosystem enables us to drive innovation programs with retailers. It is enriched by strategic alliances that augment our service portfolio – from solution consulting and customization to implementation and support. Our learning culture boosts co-creation and maximizes advanced technology solutions, be it intelligent signage, blockchain for supply chain, or cyber security.

Rethinking retail with IT services - Infographic