Clients Speak


  • Infosys Enterprise Service Management Café enhanced Service Management at Versum Materials

    Michael Mayernik – IT Operations Manager at Versum Materials, speaks about how the Infosys partnership has transformed Service Management at Versum and set them on the path of Service Experience Transformation.

  • AMD calls on Infosys for an IT transformation through automation

    Andy Bynum, AMD’s Corporate Vice President of Global Infrastructure and IT Services, says that they developed a cloud-first strategy and brought about change within the data center environment, in an effort to ensure cost-efficiency. Towards this, they invited Infosys to run their managed services component for functions that required a structured response to address problems in their portfolio.

  • Infosys revamps Epicor’s IT helpdesk and data center operations resulting in near zero downtime and delightful customer experience

    Epicor Software Corporation is a US- based company that provides industry-specific cloud and on-premise software for verticals such as manufacturing, distribution, retail, and service. Over the years, it has grown through numerous acquisitions and one of the resultant challenges is the complexity from disparate infrastructure, applications, and processes explains Mark Mincin, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Epicor. In this exclusive video, he describes why they teamed up with Infosys when they decided to consolidate their 28 data centers and build a migration strategy.

  • Clariant partners with Infosys for digital transformation

    Clariant is a leading global specialty chemicals company having around 17,000 employees working worldwide. Their business is organized in four key business areas – catalysis, care chemicals, natural resources, plastics, and coatings. In this video, Paul Mauer, Global Head of CCC Applications, and Manuela Detals, Project Manager - CRM, Group IT Services at Clariant talk about how they partnered with Infosys to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM to digitally transform the sales processes at Clariant and create more transparency about the sales data and how this transformation helped in their business goals.

  • Lifetouch and Infosys: Capturing student milestones together

    Jay Drayton, Vice President of Information Systems at Lifetouch, discusses how Infosys helped optimize the applications to allow his enterprise to schedule the photo appointments of five million high-school graduates through e-mails and mobile phones. “The application will provide our business lot of value in the sense that we can manage labor and costs and service levels much more efficiently” he says.

Case studies

  • Dansk Supermarked leads the ecommerce charge

    Client: Dansk Supermarked
    Industry: Retail
    Read how the new ecommerce platform will help Dansk Supermarked drive sales growth and enrich the customer experience.
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  • Saving lives through a cloud-based platform

    Client: NovaSom
    Industry: Medical Devices
    Infosys transformed NovaSom’s sleep apnea diagnostic platform to deliver faster results for patients. The solution reduced NovaSom’s processing time by 60%, reduced costs while expanding reach, and delivered same-day test results.
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  • JFK Health System prepares to convert to the ICD-10 medical classification standard

    Client: JFK Health System
    Industry: Healthcare
    To ensure its fiscal stability, JFK Health System must effectively manage its reimbursement processes—so in the face of a federal mandate to convert to the updated medical classification standard, the ICD-10, by October 1, 2014, JFK engaged Infosys Public Services to assess potential financial risks and formulate a plan to fix the root causes to ensure a revenue neutral and sustainable business in the ICD-10 world
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  • Kellogg's new intranet portal makes collaboration - “G-r-reat!”

    Client: Kellogg Company
    Industry: Food processing
    Kellogg selected Infosys to develop and manage K Connect, an enterprise collaboration program that enabled Kellogg to drive deeper employee collaboration across its many regions and businesses, while also improving margins through reduced administrative overheads.
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