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Maximize Returns on Datacenter Initiatives

Datacenters are the nerve centers for any business. Any major initiative involving the data center needs to be planned and executed with a clear understanding of the expected benefits.

Enterprises undertake major renewal programs – such as datacenter consolidation and virtualization – in a bid to reduce costs through automation and standardization.

The authors of this article argue that while individually, datacenter consolidation, virtualization, and hardware refresh can yield major returns; the impact gets multiplied if these are implemented in a specific sequence.


Reproduced with permission from Virtual Strategy Magazine


Rahul Joshi, Principal Consultant, IMS-FSI, Infosys Limited

Rahul Joshi, Principal Consultant, IMS-FSI, Infosys

Rahul Joshi has spent more than 13 years in Infrastructure Management Services unit at Infosys. In his role, Rahul is responsible for developing strategy plans and driving service lines within the unit as well as driving data center management services, solutions and reuse programs. Rahul is the author of several articles on infrastructure management and has filed for two patents in this area. He can be reached at

Srinivas Arikera, Principal Consultant, IMS-Manufacturing, Infosys Limited

Srinivas Arikera, Principal Consultant, IMS-Manufacturing, Infosys

Srinivasa Arikera has over 15 years of IT experience in application development and remote infrastructure management programs. In his current role, he is responsible for managing large remote infrastructure management programs – especially in the areas of datacenter operations and ITIL processes. He holds a master’s degree in industrial engineering and a certification for executive program in business management from Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata. He can be reached at

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