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Infosys Data Center Migration and Consolidation Services

Reinvent your data center footprint with minimum risk and maximum efficiency

Data centers are critical infrastructure components of a business. Over time, organizations accumulate diverse assets resulting in a growing data center footprint. This results in increased complexity that is difficult to manage. Consolidation helps in reducing data center footprints, while enhancing operations and improving productivity. However, migrating data centers is risky and it needs to be managed carefully.

The Infosys advantage

Infosys Data Center Migration and Consolidation Services provide a comprehensive framework that enables smooth migrations with minimal risk.

Infosys Datacenter Migration and Consolidation Services offer:

  • Secure, scalable, and agile data center environment that is easy to manage
  • Reduced data center footprint by leveraging the industry’s best practices
  • Best-in-class tools and accelerators – including in-house and third party suites for a smooth transition
Infosys Enterprise Data Center Optimization Services

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