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Infosys Infrastructure Testing Services

Organizations across the globe continue to make significant investments in revamping their IT infrastructure as part of their business growth plans. However, the lack of a structured approach to validate the underlying IT infrastructure leads to technical glitches and outages, resulting in severe business impact.

Infrastructure Testing Services from Infosys is an integrated offering that enables organizations to test and validate infrastructure components, thereby reducing the chances of downtime and improving the performance of their IT infrastructure.

Challenges and opportunities

As organizations are challenged by deployment of increasingly diverse technologies, including virtualization and cloud, there is an increasing need to validate and streamline the underlying infrastructure being transformed within the data centers.

End-to-end infrastructure testing services – with related program governance, risk assessment and performance – will help organizations scale up to meet the challenges resulting from the multidimensional complexity of their growing infrastructure and application portfolios.

Infrastructure Testing Services from Infosys

Infrastructure testing services from Infosys comprise a range of services that span the entire infrastructure life cycle.

  • Business-as-usual operations
  • New builds such as new hardware deployment and integration
  • Migrations such as physical relocation to a new data center or as part of consolidation and virtualization projects

Infosys Infrastructure Services help organizations comprehensively validate the business readiness and performance of their IT infrastructure as they look to deploy changes such as data center consolidation, virtualization and technology upgrades.

Based on proven methodologies and approaches for validation and assurance, the infrastructure testing offering from Infosys includes:

  • Infrastructure Testing Assessment
  • Infrastructure Testing Center of Excellence
  • Managed Infrastructure Testing Services
  • Infrastructure Program Test Strategy and Management
  • Independent Infrastructure Validation Services
The Infosys advantage

Leveraging best practices and our extensive experience across infrastructure management and testing services, we have developed a set of pre-built solutions that help organizations identify potential defects early on in the life cycle.

  • Faster time to market with reduced testing cycle time
  • Integrated test suite for both infrastructure and applications, thus providing a single point of assurance
  • Increased IT infrastructure reliability due to technology-specific automation tools
  • Reduced cost due to accelerated testing using pre-defined testing libraries
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