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The cloud is raining opportunities everywhere. It is redefining the way business and IT services are delivered and consumed. Moving to the cloud is no more a question of 'when' but 'how'. Organizations do not ask whether 'they should take to the cloud'; instead the question is 'what is the right approach to maximize business value from the cloud?'

Challenges and opportunities

Moving to the cloud can be challenging. As you go along the cloud adoption journey, you must choose between and partner with multiple providers for infrastructure, platforms, and applications. This introduces complexities in rapid provisioning, managing fragmented cloud environments, dealing with multiple providers, and ensuring enterprise-wide governance. Integrating these together and tailoring them to align with your business context is a daunting prospect. Thus, what a CIO needs today is a solution that brings together an enterprise view of this hybrid cloud ecosystem.

How we deliver value

The Infosys Cloud Ecosystem Hub is a first-of-its-kind solution that helps enterprises build and manage a unified hybrid cloud environment.

It helps you to rapidly create, adopt, and govern cloud services across your ecosystem. Its unified self-services catalog, along with smart brokerage capabilities, provides an enterprise-wide support mechanism for collaborative decision-making that accelerates assessment and deployment of best-in-class cloud infrastructure, platforms, and applications.

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