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Infosys is the only Global SI to be inducted as a ‘Major Player’ in the IDC Marketscape

Infosys is the only Global SI to be named as a Major Player in the IDC MarketScape: U.S. Emerging Managed Security Services 2016 Vendor Assessment (doc #US41320816, August 2016). It states, "Infosys has a flexible business model that utilizes the 'follow the sun' approach in an effective and efficient manner and supports its clients by ensuring that the incident management process is not interrupted because of business hours or employment constraints in one region."

According to the IDC MarketScape, buyers face complex choices in selecting a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) due to high number of providers and a multitude of variables: breadth and depth of offerings, staffing, capabilities, locations, complementary services, onboarding methods, service level agreements (SLAs), payment options, customer portal capabilities, customer service delivery methods, partnerships, and more. Buyer organizations should pay particular attention to the following decision factors:

  • Investigate managed security services provider's (MSSP) research and development (R&D) focus areas: It is important to evaluate the managed security service provider's (MSSP's) future roadmap strategies to determine whether it will be able to offer future technology changes needed for your business
  • Clarify cloud adoption strategy and timeline: Workloads are shifting to different cloud platforms, so it is important to select an MSSP that can deliver offerings that best fit your business needs and can be flexible to meet future changes occurring within your infrastructure
  • Embrace the necessity of threat intelligence and the usage of big data: With cyber-attacks increasing in severity and frequency, organizations can no longer afford a 'do the minimum' security strategy, which is not sufficient to thwart advanced persistent threats, distributed denial of service, identity theft, and other sophisticated attack strategies
  • Evaluate customer portals: Portals can be a competitive differentiator, and as such, they should be able to satisfy broad user requirements
  • Consider complementary services: Some MSSPs offer additional complementary services around advanced malware analysis or in other areas that will help strengthen a customer's security program.
  • Evaluate Security Operations Center (SOC) capabilities and security expertise: Depending on organizational requirements, SOC staff certifications, which are relevant to specific industries, security regulations, and operating systems, may be crucial in a proactive and predictive security strategy

Key highlights

The IDC MarketScape notes Infosys has:

  • A Compelling list of advanced services and appreciation from several clients
  • A Robust talent development program for security analysts and a philosophy of continuous learning. In addition, Infosys’ large corporate training facility that enables employees to continue their education
  • Infosys also received positive feedback from customers for migration from one vendor to Infosys leveraging standardized methodology for accelerating the service setup. Customers stated that the support during transition of services for Identity and Access Management (IAM) was easy and smooth.
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