Microsoft Azure Cloud Adoption Services & Offerings

Infosys provides a full spectrum of services in the public cloud space. Our core offerings include:

  • Establishing a public cloud roadmap with cloud strategy and control, custom-built cloud platforms, and pilot migration implementations
  • Transforming and migrating workloads through re-platforming, re-building, and migrating applications using tools like Microsoft Azure Site Recovery (ASR) and CloudEndure
  • Managing operations using a dedicated or shared services delivery model and leveraging our automation platform, Infosys ManaTM, for efficient operations
  • Optimizing operations through Azure's native cloud controls, DevOps services, and cloud usage analytics and optimization
Accelerate workload migration to Microsoft Azure with Infosys

Our holistic approach leverages best practices and customized tools to provide a seamless migration journey, right from strategy up to execution, with zero business disruptions. The Infosys-Microsoft partnership provides enterprises the right expertise and tools for migration, transformation, and management of workloads on the cloud.

As Microsoft's 'Gold' and preferred Azure partner, we leverage our Azure investments to jointly develop solutions that help clients drive greater business value, faster. Here's how we do it:

Build the right foundation: We align our workload migration roadmap with the Azure cloud adoption framework through discovery workshops and JumpStart work-streams. Thus, clients can easily prioritize initiatives, ensure security, and streamline operations at a lower total cost of ownership, thus enabling higher returns on investments

Scale with quality: With the right foundation, organizations can access best-in-class migration methodologies, tools, and accelerators to fast-track their migration and manage workloads with new and advanced on-cloud features

The five-essentials of the Infosys solution

We focus on five essentials to provide business continuity and security for a client's enterprise as it moves toward achieving greater agility. These routes include:

  • Cloud security architecture: Stay compliant with continuous quality assurance (QA) and threat management, using a security architecture that provides enterprise-level security for infrastructure, applications, and data
  • Workload analysis and mass migration: Eliminate business disruptions through codified models and decision logic that identify workloads for cloud migration and enhancement
  • Application refactoring with architecture and development: Accelerate migration with proven frameworks that measure effectiveness and approaches that cover individual technology stacks
  • Cloud automation and DevOps: Enhance application speed, quality, and reliability using automation-driven DevOps to rapidly on-board applications on cloud
  • Managed cloud operations: Make the organization's business agile by automating cloud features and operations, along with proactive, predictive, and reactive service assurance and end-to-end security
Our differentiators and accelerators

To ensure security and increase efficiency, we leverage the following best-in-class tools during migration:

  • Infosys Workload Migration (WLM) Suite discovers, analyzes, and recommends applications suitable for hosting and also plans the migration to Azure Cloud
  • Infosys Migration Planning Suite offers accelerators to re-factor and transform web applications, legacy virtual servers / operating systems (OS), databases, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to cloud-native technology platforms
  • Infosys Legacy Modernization Suite leverages our proven 'accelerate, renew, and transform' (ART) framework, which combines non-intrusive and state-of-the-art knowledge curation platforms, migration tools, and the right expertise
  • Infosys Service Assurance Suite automates the monitoring, management, provisioning, and deployment of cloud stacks to enforce security, compliance, and service management standards, while also ensuring a consistent user experience
  • Azure Site Recovery / CloudEndure enables smooth migration and disaster recovery through continuous data replication across any infrastructure (physical, virtual, or cloud-based servers), alongside automated machine conversion and orchestration of the application stack
  • Infosys Information Platform (IIP) helps enterprises source actionable insights for their businesses
A successful migration and beyond

The easily scalable Infosys-Azure migration strategy delivers:

  • Robust security and compliance features
  • Continuous support through trained teams and production Azure workloads
  • Clear objectives and shorter migration timelines
  • Strong value proposition with executive sponsorship
  • Dedicated financial commitments and investments
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