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Infosys in the Winner's Circle of 2017 HfS Blueprint report for managed security Services

Infosys in the Winner's Circle of 2017 HfS Blueprint report for managed security Services

"Infosys' use of cognitive automation to detect threats faster and do more predictive threat modelling was a key factor in the firm’s inclusion in the winner’s circle. Infosys clients also reported high satisfaction with the provider's delivery and expertise".
Christine Ferrusi Ross, Research Vice President, Security, and Blockchain at HfS Research.

We, at Infosys, are glad that we made it to the Winner's Circle of the ‘HfS Blueprint: Managed Security Services 2017’ report. The report analyzed companies based on innovation and execution capabilities of their security services. It ranked higher those offerings and delivery services that fit a broader business context and incorporated a vision for security’s role in customer experience.

Infosys in the Winner's Circle of 2017 HfS Blueprint report for managed security Services

Our offerings for a secured enterprise, powered by 'innovation' and 'execution' capabilities, resulted in our entry into the Winner's Circle. The report took into consideration our key capabilities that include:

  1. A complete solution portfolio, including some innovative offerings, in the security space, such as behavioral tracking, data analytics, and mobile application security
  2. High-quality services, which clients have certified
  3. Embedded automation and analytics functionalities within every solution
  4. Pricing flexibility: We offer various pricing options such as fixed, outcome-based, and hybrid. As of today, we are working on as many as 50 ‘transformational’ deals that use outcome-based pricing
  5. Productized approach: We have structured our security offerings into specific product bundles that can be deployed on a plug-and-play basis. These offerings include security information and events management (SIEM) in a box, integrated governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC); identity-as-a-service, threat surface reduction, and integrated data protection
  6. Cognitive automation: By using Infosys Artificial Intelligence platform, we have introduced cognitive capability for advanced threat detection offerings. This helps us find new threats faster and implement predictive threat modeling

As a managed security services partner, we drive innovation in our offerings. Our differentiation is led by delivering competent service offerings and exceptional user experience. As a thought leader in Design Thinking, we optimize our approach to service delivery and through cognitive automation we detect advanced threats in real time.

Read an excerpt of the report here.

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