ClickDimensions Partnership to Offer Automated Solutions

ClickDimensions Infosys partnership with ClickDimensions has contributed to developing robust and automated marketing solutions and providing scalable offerings with minimal customizations. The partnership also focuses on helping customers streamline their marketing, sales, and customer-retention efforts. ClickDimensions is a Microsoft-certified Gold partner for customer relationship management (CRM) and a top-rated marketing automation solution on the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace.

We chose ClickDimensions as a key global system integrator owing to the following:

  • Proven industry-leading knowledge across key verticals
  • Global presence and capability
  • Strong technical knowledge and skills on various versions of Dynamics CRM and its related peripheral technologies
  • Deep knowledge and experience in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The CRM’s role in business evolves to include more functions and departments meeting the increasing needs
Partnership highlights
  • Next-generation and plug-and-play solutions with robust development and support
  • Center of excellence (CoE) through which we address demand for CRM solutions
  • Mutual customers attract more leads, close sales, and engage with customers effectively through the combined power of Dynamics 365 and our email marketing and marketing automation solution
  • Scalable Dynamics CRM on cloud based and on-premises solutions
  • Customer empowerment towards generating and qualifying high quality leads while providing sales division the ability to prioritize best leads and opportunities
  • Effective email marketing, Web intelligence, lead scoring, social discovery, Web forms, surveys, landing pages, nurture marketing, subscription management, campaign tracking, etc.
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